Water Heater Leaking/replacement

We can have your old water heater out and a new one installed within the hour.


Boiler Repair & Installation

All of our Journey men/woman are experienced with boilers, either for hot water or heating we know whats wrong with it when we get there.


Bathroom Renovations
We are experts at meeting your dead lines and working with you on even the smallest detail, leave the stress to our guys we get it done.


Kitchen Renovation
More time is spent with family in kitchen than any other room, from high end commercial installs to a basic upgrade of taps, we do it all.



When you call PIPESCOPE SERVICES the moment we take down the information of your concern, it is sent to one of our plumbers in the field, most service calls are responded to within the hour, and 80% of the service calls we receive are completed on the first visit, our trucks are stocked with faucets, washers, handles, leak repair materials, PIPESCOPE CAMERAS and the only things we dont carry on the trucks are water heaters, toilets, and sinks & those are accesible 24 hours a day evenings and weekends, here in our downtown Victoria office on Douglas street.


Home owners, apartment owners, strata corporations, commercial  and leased properties are serviced by PIPESCOPE SERVICES. Save at least 50% off the below listed services compared to using a 

"BRAND NAME" plumber


hot water issues   |  water heaters   |   leaking water heaters   |  leaks in ceiling   |   washing machine faucets   |  garden hose faucets   |  sinks faucets   |  leaking toilets   |  running toilets   |  toilets not flushing       garbage disposals issues    |   dishwashers not draining   |  clogged sinks or toilets    |  clogged showers or  bathtubs   |  clogged washing machines   |  bathroom sink leaks   |  kitchen sink leaks   |  unknown leaks   |  leaks in general   |  low water pressure   |  no water at all      pipe leaks   |  main water valves broken   |  leaking - stuck valves     sinks, faucets, garbage disposals & toilets installed   |  backflow prevention   |   floor drains   |  clogged drains  |  main water pipe leaks   |  leaks near water meter not covered by city   |  backflow certification   |  commercial and residential   |   landlord discounts      restaurants and hotels   |  dental & medical offices   |  backflow code compliance   |  backflow repairs   |  backflow testing   |   backflow maintenance   |  certify backflow   |  backflow water meter upgrades


Our "ON TIME GUARANTEE " means that if we are not at the job on time we take off half the cost for the first hour, your time is valuable and we at PIPESCOPE SERVICES understand that, we also run late evening service calls, thats Monday - Friday until 8pm and theres no extra charge.


If you want to establish a connection with a top rated Plumbing company here in Victoria, call PIPESCOPE SERVICES and ask to speak with the owner.

Plumbing Services we offer :